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Devices For Life Gives Back

Devices For Life, LLC (DFL) is giving back to those who have touched our lives in the communities we serve by creating the “Donations For Life” program. DFL is donating a percentage of each AED sale to a worthy cause by finding local charitable organizations that we strongly believe in. We are also donating AED units to community programs that could not otherwise afford them and to similar services or organizations that could use a little help.

DFL Sponsorships include:

  • Project 999 Ride - Placentia Police Department
  • Guns ‘N” Hoses - Fremont Police Department
  • NYPD Police Funeral – Brea Police Department
  • Friends of North County SWAT Foundation

Recent AED Donations include:

  • Pajaro Rescue Mission - Watsonville, California
  • Central School District - Rancho Cucamonga, California
  • St. Joseph Catholic School - Placentia, California
  • SSI Industries - Los Angeles, California
  • The McCafferty Family - Fullerton, California
  • JW Hiking Team - Dallas, Texas
  • Lodi Police Department - Lodi, California
  • Saddleback Valley Unified School District - Mission Viejo, California
  • St. Juliana Falconieri - Fullerton, CA
  • St. Dominic Catholic School - Benicia, CA
  • Fremont Police Department - Fremont, CA
  • Cope Middle School - Redlands, CA
  • Redding Police Department - Redding, CA
  • Fifth District Court of Appeal - Fresno, CA
  • Whittier College - Whittier, CA
  • Yorba Linda High School - Yorba Linda, CA
  • Fourth District Court of Appeal, Division 3 - Santa Ana, CA
  • Fourth District Court of Appeal, Division 2 - Riverside, CA
  • Second District Court of Appeal, Division 6 - Ventura, CA
  • Fairfield Fire Department - Fairfield, CA
  • Esparto Unified School District - Esparto, CA
  • The Nature Friends, Inc. - Mill Valley, CA
  • The Mari Scott Family - Orange County, CA
  • La Habra City Unified School District – La Habra, CA
  • Friends Church – Yorba Linda, CA
  • Foothills Church – Rancho Santa Margarita, CA
  • City of Richmond – Richmond, CA
  • Damien High School – La Verne, CA
  • Garden Grove Fire Department – Garden Grove, CA
  • CHP Explorer Post 9765 – Ventura, CA
  • City of Pomona – Pomona, California

Local Charitable Organizations include:

  • Firefighter’s Cancer Support Network
  • SAS Foundation
  • Steven’s Hope

Andrew Carnegie, a successful business man and a famous American philanthropist, believed that people have a moral obligation to give to others. At DFL, we believe in the same philosophy and are committed in making a difference in the communities we serve and the lives we touch.

Why Start An AED Program?

According to OSHA 13% of all workplace fatalities result from sudden cardiac arrest. With improved early defibrillation efforts, some 40,000 more lives could be saved – more than a cure for breast cancer!


I AM TRULY TOUCHED, EVERY DAY BY HER GIFT TO US ... ...My daughter, Catherine who is 4 has long QT. On two occasions we've called 911 and prayed the paramedics would arrive in time. Each time they would arrive an AED was used immediately to restart her heart.

Today, she has an ICD and appears to be doing well. We have an AED for our home as well as at the school she attends thanks to the generosity of Devices For Life! We met Theresa at our local church when she was working with them on placing an AED program there. When I told her our situation and that could not purchase one due to mounting medical bills and because insurance wouldn't cover it. She quickly respond saying, “It’s okay. I understand. We will donate a unit to you and her school”.

I was a total stranger on that day but that didn’t seem to matter. Theresa’s kindness and heart was quick to take action. I am truly touched, every day by her gift to us.

Your AED purchases through Devices For Life, make it possible for people such as us to receive these donations.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart!.
- Ms. Allison McCafferty